Willie Augustus

What if your child had to go to school every day and be bullied each and every day?

That was the nightmare Willie Augustus, Jr. and his wife Falesha were living, as their son Willie faced relentless bullying at his public school.

It got to the point where Willie no longer wanted to go to school. “You couldn’t learn. There was so much bullying. Kids are bullying the other kids and they’re bullying you,” said Willie.

After fighting the school board for justice, but making no headway, the Augustus family came to a decision. They had to take Willie out of public school.

The Augustus’ successfully applied to get Willie into the Louisiana Scholarship Program, finding a safer environment at Angles Academy in Baton Rouge.

Falesha Augustus is grateful for the safe space Angles Academy provides. “That’s the best feeling in the world for me to see my son happy, feeling good, not miserable. Once we found that right school, Willie blossomed into a whole other person.”

Now, Willie can focus on what really matters.

“I’m very thankful that my parents got me a scholarship. I’m pretty sure if I wasn’t in scholarship program, I wouldn’t even like school.”