Jessica Waddell

“School choice means being able to choose a better life for myself. It means choosing an education that not only works best for me, but pushes me to be my best. That’s what I got when I got the choice to go to Lutheran High School. Lutheran High gave me a better life than what I know I would’ve gotten at the public school in my neighborhood.”

“My private high school impacted me in a way that changed my entire perspective on school. Lutheran High gave me a joy for learning that I never had before. I’ve always known that I was good at school, but Lutheran High taught me to love school. They taught me that going to college, and maybe even veterinary school, was possible. Not only would it be possible to go to college, but it would be fun and exciting! They were right. I’m in the third year of my undergraduate degree and I’ve never been happier.

“Looking back on my fond memories of high school, I realize that they were only possible with the incredible opportunity my family and I received when we got the choice to go to Lutheran High School. My high school experience would not have been as memorable if I went to the public school in my neighborhood. I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it at all. This is why all kids should have the opportunity to be able to attend the school of their choosing. School choice is powerful. Being able to choose the school that works best for you and allows you to thrive is one of the best decisions anyone can make for their child.”