Renika Johnson

To have control of her children’s education has always been a priority for Renika Johnson. However, it was impossible to have control ­­– until she received a scholarship for her son Donny from the Louisiana Scholarship Program.

“It’s important because if your child’s school is not performing at grade level, then your child’s education is at risk. Your child’s ability to learn is at risk. So, it was important to being able to choose the school that’s a good fit for Donny. It’s my top priority,” said Renika.

“When I found out I had the scholarship I cried. I had to ask, are you serious? It was unbelievable. It was just that important for me to be able to place Donny into a system where his education is valued.

“Donny’s improved in his personality, his social skills, as well as his grades. The teachers at Good Shepherd did not allow Donny to fall in the cracks. They stayed on him, each teacher. It was a communication between parent and teacher the whole time, even with the administration. And that’s one thing that I admire the most.

“I’m so grateful. This has been a blessing for my family.”