Louisiana voters support pro-educational choice candidates in statewide elections

The Louisiana Federation for Children Action Fund (LFC-AF) congratulates its endorsed candidates, who won or qualified for a run-off, in 24 of 25 races in which LFC-AF invested. These victorious candidates strengthen a bipartisan coalition of elected officials who support educational choice for Louisiana families.

“During this election cycle, voters overwhelmingly chose candidates who support educational choice and believe that it is a fundamental right for parents to be able to choose the best school for their children,” said Kelli Bottger, LFC-AF state director. “Parental choice was a critically popular issue and the results demonstrate the importance of protecting and expanding educational choice throughout Louisiana.”

In the state’s legislative and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) races, LFC-AF provided more than $2.3 million in independent expenditures to support pro-educational choice candidates. This is the largest election investment in LFC-AF’s history.

Louisiana voters enthusiastically supported educational choice candidates in the legislative and BESE races. Their support for pro-school choice candidate Eddie Rispone helped propel him into the Nov. 16 run-off election.

“We will continue to stand alongside elected officials, Democrat or Republican, who support Louisiana’s efforts to improve public education, put parents in charge, give families expanded school choice opportunities, and improve educational outcomes for all children,” Bottger added.

Louisiana Federation for Children Action Fund Election Highlights

House of Representatives:
Supported 11 candidates. 11 candidates were elected or qualified for run-off.
Reggie Bagala, HD 54
Rhonda Butler, HD 38
Dewith Carrier, HD 32
Daryl Deshotel, HD 28
*Aimee Freeman, HD 98
Larry Frieman, HD 74
John “Big John” Illg, HD 78
Dustin Miller, HD 40
*Chuck Owen, HD 30
Bob Owen, HD 76
*Brandon Trosclair, HD 88
*Qualified for run-off

Supported 9 candidates. 8 candidates were elected or qualified for run-off.
Stewart Cathey, SD 33
Heather Cloud, SD 28
Mike Fesi, SD 20
Barry Milligan, SD 38
*Robert Mills, SD 36
Beth Mizell, SD 12
Mike Reese, SD 30
Kirk Talbot, SD 10
*Qualified for run-off

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education: 
Supported candidates in 5 of the state’s 8 BESE districts. 5 candidates were elected or qualified for run-off.
Holly Boffy, District 7
Ashley Ellis, District 5
Jim Garvey, District 1
Sandy Holloway, District 3
*Ronnie Morris, District 6
*Qualified for run-off

The Louisiana Federation for Children Action Fund supports a wide range of educational choice initiatives, so that high quality public, charter and private schools flourish and parents will have the opportunity to select the quality school that works best for their children, and so that teachers will have the flexibility to select the school that best utilizes their strengths and interests. LFC-AF also fights against bills and regulatory attacks that would create barriers for families in existing school choice programs.