Parenting While Quarantined Webinar Resources

Traig Varnado, LCSW-BACS
Positive Behavior Solutions, LLC


Change to Chill

Take 5 Breathing: A Breathing Exercise for Kids

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids

Mindful Gnats: Paced Breathing – 4 Seconds

Yoga For The Classroom – Yoga With Adriene

3 Minutes Body Scan Meditation – Mindfulness For Kids And Adults

NCTSN – Families and Trauma

Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Keep the Calm at Home

City Of New Orleans COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

Thomas E. Chambers Counseling and Training Center (University of Holy Cross)

Brittany R Sykes, Program Coordinator
Urban League of Louisiana, Parent Information Center – Baton Rouge
Phone: (225) 831-1501   Email:

COVID-19 Resource List: