Falon Mason

My family and I reside in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I grew up. Growing up, I was able to attend a variety of different schools; I attended a public school, a private school, an all-girls catholic school, etc. So, when it was time to find a school for my kids, I knew that there were more options available than what our district offered.

We found St. Mary’s through a friend who worked in administration and recommended the school. My son started his kindergarten year and we realized that the school had a family-like environment. The school has a strong relationship with their families; the administration and teachers are wonderful, and my kids have a lot of friends.

I immediately felt comfortable with my son attending St. Mary’s and later my daughter followed in his footsteps. My son is now in fourth grade, and my daughter is just finishing her kindergarten year.

I did not choose St. Mary’s because it is a faith-based school. However, I did notice that at St. Mary’s they reinforce the morals taught in our home. I wanted my kids to see things from a more humanitarian standpoint when they are faced with the realities in our world.

Different schools provide different things, and different children need different things. Large classrooms may work for many children, but some require smaller and more personal learning environments. Some schools focus on arts and others on science. Some people may want their kids to learn in a religious setting, and they should have that option. I think school choice is imperative.