Patricia Petty

Patricia is fourteen and attends HYPE Academy in New Orleans. She’s also a dancer at New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. She loves to dance and when she grows up, she wants to become a dancer.

I chose HYPE Academy because I knew she would do well there. I knew this school would be a good challenge for her and would push her to become the best she can possibly be. It has made such a difference with the scholarships. It has helped me out financially and it has made such a difference in her schooling.

At HYPE, students get to move at their own pace. I feel like when you get to move at your own pace you can just go the way you need and do the things you need to do by yourself. The second thing is I love their creed. I feel like their creed helps them to become a better person and reciting the affirmations every day helps them become better. The last thing is the people at HYPE. They have helped her become a better person and they also push her to be the best she can be.

More families should have this opportunity for a scholarship. I feel like if children are able to get a scholarship they can get into good schools – schools that will help them be better than they already are. School choice means everything to me and my family. It means that we actually get a choice at getting the school that I want my children to go to and know that there going to succeed.