Parents Give Louisiana Scholarship Program High Marks

Parents participating in the Louisiana Scholarship Program overwhelmingly approve of the schools their children attend, according to results of the American Federation for Children Louisiana’s annual Parental Satisfaction Survey.

The Louisiana Scholarship Program provides students with additional opportunities to attend the school of their choice. Student applicants are eligible to receive state-funded scholarships to enroll in participating nonpublic schools.

  • 91% of parents participating in the Louisiana Scholarship Program say they are satisfied with their children’s academic progress as reported in the 2021-2022 Parental Satisfaction Survey.
  • The annual survey of parents of children participating in the Louisiana Scholarship Program found 93% expressed overall satisfaction with their child’s scholarship school.

Survey Highlights

  • 91% of parents are happy with their child’s academic progress at his/her scholarship school.
  • 93% of parents are very satisfied or satisfied with their child’s current scholarship school.
  • 89% of parents believe their child’s academic performance has improved since enrolling at his/her scholarship school.
  • 96% of parents say their child feels safe in his/her scholarship school.
  • 94% of parents say their child feels welcome in his/her scholarship school.

We feel like we hit the lottery when we got the scholarship. We are extremely thankful for this opportunity.
Kristy Perrin Smith
Annunciation Catholic School, Bogalusa

The annual survey conducted by the American Federation for Children Louisiana is one of the most comprehensive parental satisfaction surveys of a school choice program. The Louisiana Department of Education reported 5,701 students were enrolled in the Louisiana Scholarship Program during the 2021-2022 school year. 3,824 parents who have one or more children enrolled in the program were emailed an invitation to take the survey. 1,251 parents participated in the survey – a 32.7% return rate.

Enacted in 2008 by a bipartisan group of legislators, the Louisiana Scholarship Program has the strongest and most transparent accountability measures of any program in the nation. Every child in the program comes from a low-income family, and 85 percent of students in the program are minority students, giving many of Louisiana’s most vulnerable students the opportunity to choose the education that best fits their individual needs.

Download survey summary: 2020-2021 Parental Satisfaction Survey Summary

The program allowed my child to receive a higher quality education in a town that the public schools are failing as a whole. This program always (helps) children who would not otherwise be able to afford a decent education.
Terrion Daniels
Ascension of Our Lord Catholic School, LaPlace